English version – Rammstein Interpretationen – Mann gegen Mann

Some people asked me to write my interpretation in English, so other fans can also read and understand the text. For a really good translation i needed help from a firend, a native speaker. So, here we go! Enjoy the text and thanks to Karen for doing a great job. Thank you!

The Interpretation of Till Lindermann’s Rammstein’s Song “Mann gegen Mann” (Man against Man). It is said to be a Chriffren; which means that he writes a song about a subject who he knows much more intensely and deeply and it is represented in the song itself. To conceal the depth of his knowledge he uses with double meaning which forces his fans to make the effort to find out what he really wants to say as a result each person can interpret the song as they desire.

Man against Man
(Till Lindemann – Rammstein – Album Rosenrot)

Fate has smiled on me
(Das Schicksal hat mich angelacht)

This phase is not uncommon “Ein Hauch Schicksal”, a touch of fate or a taste of destine. That is our faith. It means that the individual accepts his faith or destine which means he accepts himself. It is positively written when fate smiles on you then you are happy.

And gave me a present
(Und mir ein Geschenk gemacht)

Destine give him a present which he happily accepts.

Thrown me on a warm star
(Warf mich auf einen warmen Stern)

Indicates that the feeling out of this world positive warming and comforting. It can also imply warm brother but it must not.

The skin so near, the eyes so far away.
(Der Haut so nah dem Auge fern)

The body and soul begin to feel and recognizes what is happening, even if it is not to be seen with the eyes.

I ‘m taking my fate in my Hand
(Ich nehm mein Schicksal in die Hand)

There is a double meaning in this sentence. It has legitimacy for his life (Work and Private activities), it also represents the acceptance of his destiny and the interrelations with others.

My desire is manned
(Mein Verlangen ist bemannt)

His choice of words is perceptible and we can visualize his desire in its gear up form for the man.

Where the fresh water dies because it’s debased into salt
(Wo das süße Wasser stirbt, weil es sich im Salz verdirbt)

This sentence is more difficult due to the various undertone meanings it can have. Fresh water dies when it is mixed with saltwater as example a river flows into the sea. The salt in this case represents poison and death. In a society that is perfect, sweet and salt cannot be in the same place at the same time it creates rapids (rough water) or tension in the atmosphere. There are times when the various social circles meet and just like water sweet or salty you can only know what you are dealing with when you taste it or invest the time to find out what you are dealing with.

I bear the little prince in mind
(Trag ich den kleinen Prinz im Sinn)

A beautiful play on words by bring a fairytale into his text he create a certain complimentary charm.

A king without a Queen
(Ein König ohne Königin)

He rules over himself and his gender and nothing else matters.

If a woman strays with me
(Wenn sich an mir ein Weib verirrt)

This is quite clear.

Then the bright world is confused
(Dann ist die helle Welt verwirrt)

The bright world belongs to the heterosexual but also to the homosexual. In our society there is no difference but there are those who still laugh and upset the others.

Man against Man
(Mann gegen Mann)

It could also be woman against woman or man against woman people against people. Male and female fighting against themselves

My skin belongs to the masters
(Meine Haut gehört den Herren)

That is obvious. A person has to be true to themselves. Hopefully

Man against man
(Mann gegen Mann)
Birds of a feather flock together
(Gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern)

This is true.

Man against man
(Mann gegen Mann)
I am a servant of two masters
(Ich bin der Diener zweier Herren)

There is a double meaning in this phase. Serve yourself, but also you physical needs. You have to serve them both.

I am in the corner of all rooms
(Ich bin die Ecke aller Räume)

When he stands in the corner he becomes the outsider not in involved in the main activities and that is how he feels. A man on the borderline of the society the social lines. He is extreme and very colorful this enhances his borderline role. If not he could be specifying another aspect of his life.

I am the shadow of all trees
(Ich bin der Schatten aller Bäume)

This is a logical comparison as the trees are the simplest elements of nature and being the shadow them is stand behind the trees not in front he is almost invisible and at the same time always present. Everyone has a shadow.

There are no missing links in my chain
(In meiner Kette fehlt kein Glied)
When the lust lures from behind
(Wenn die Lust von hinten zieht)

He is playing with his words again. A chain represents a closed circle and even the weakest link is a part of the whole. They all fit together and small jewelry and lust itself and which jewelry he wears and likes it is all allowed.

My sex calls me a traitor
(Mein Geschlecht schimpft mich Verräter)

Here is the classic role that men play in society. The father who is most times the head of the family and the provider. The normal role played by men in the society.

I’m the nightmare of all fathers
(Ich bin der Albtraum aller Väter)

This sentence can be interpreted in many ways. Will a homosexual pair a child, what are the wishes that the grandparents may have. Here we can use our fantasy to decide what he really means.

Man against man
(Mann gegen Mann)

Yet some days my heart freezes
(Doch friert mein Herz an manchen Tagen)

His doubts are present here. Is it right and being afraid of being alone after all this life brings isolation when it is public. Being judged by others, or having a broken heart.

Man against man
(Mann gegen Mann)
Cold tongues lash
(Kalte Zungen die da schlagen)

The neighbors speak badly about him, they are very critical. Family and hypocritical friend can speak about very painful things

I am not interested in a sense of balance
(Mich interessiert kein Gleichgewicht)

With reference to Ying und Yang the balance between the male and female. It is irrelevant as we create a balance between the men and women as we are willing to compromise. Each individual ask the question who am I und how do I fit in within my social circle? Who will I like to be?

The sun’s shining in my face
(Mir scheint die Sonne ins Gesicht)

Instead of the balance between male and female; is the sun even more important. It is more important to have a balance in all aspects of society. The sun is in the center of everything the universe and earth itself. If we are happy then we are within ourselves in balance in body and nature. It becomes visible, we send out positive vibes and people want to be with us and be a part of our lives. The sun shining in our face remands us that we are here and living, this means we can be happy regardless of everything else.

Hinweis: Der hier wiedergegebene Songtext ist urheberrechtlich geschützt. Sämtliche Rechte liegen bei der Band Rammstein bzw. den gesetzlichen Vertretern.

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